Guidance 22

The academic program is the heart of any school, and that is certainly true at TBCA. At the heart of academics at Triad is a love of God and a desire to open His Word and His World to the hearts and minds of our students. It is our mission to support parents in their responsibility to educate their children. First and foremost, we want to see each child come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. From there we seek to discover the talents and abilities God has given them and help them develop those talents and abilities for the Master’s use. We see in them courageous leaders who go out into the world to engage our culture and impact it to build the Kingdom of God. From that vision we strive to equip them with a biblical worldview that supports them as they think critically and creatively about the world and its issues and as they work collaboratively to bring the principles of Scripture to bear on them. Finally, we see them going out to communicate their faith and their ideas to solve those issues to the glory of God.

It is a sad thing to imagine a solitary person sitting alone on a bench at an amusement park doing nothing. All around that person are friends and families that are enjoying one another and all the wonders that the amusement park offers. Often, students approach school and academic pursuit that way. It is our goal to take that natural curiosity and love of learning that most kindergarten students have when they come and provide an environment where it will grow and develop rather than be squelched. More than the rides at the amusement park, learning is engaging and fun. The world is full of new things to experience and explore. The faculty and staff at TBCA want to help students continue in their love of learning throughout their school career and for the rest of their lives.

Early Elementary - Kindergarten through Second Grade

For our younger Titans, we want to meet them where they are in the progress of growth and maturity. We want to match our expectations of them to their level of readiness for meeting those expectations. We provide learning experiences that will capitalize on their innate love of learning and help it to grow. We teach the basics in every subject: “His story” of history and Bible, phonics in reading, and hands-on discovery of math and science foundations while equipping them with solid grammar, handwriting, and spelling skills to use as they move forward. 

Upper Elementary - Third through Fifth Grade

Moving from the strongly developmental approach in our earliest years, beginning in third grade we work with our students to start a smooth and seamless transition to the academic rigor of high school and college. We create a safe environment in which to challenge them to step out and explore their world. We help them know God more so they will see themselves as image bearers, servant leaders, and stewards of the resources He provides. We build on their ability to comprehend and analyze what they read.  We show them how to use the knowledge they gain from the study of the world to continue their learning. We begin to build strong writing skills so they will be able to communicate their ideas more effectively. We provide learning experiences that are still hands-on and challenging so their love of learning will keep on building. 

Middle School – Sixth through Eighth Grade

As high school begins to loom large on the horizon, we turn our focus in middle school to developing independence in them. We assure them of the basics of a broad-based understanding of Scripture that will help them grow in their relationships with each other and with the Lord. We assist them to develop independent study skills and habits to train their minds. We guide them to begin to consider and develop their own personal goals for life. Strong classroom instruction continues with teachers who love them and want to provide the support they need while they find out who they are and discover who they want to become.

High School – Ninth through Twelfth Grade

Often called the launching years, when our students hit high school we provide the most rigorous educational environment they will have experienced yet. Our vision is to see them rise to that challenge coming from a firm foundation of learning that has prepared them for this point and beyond. It is here that we challenge them to consider their faith against the ideas of the world so that they will know why they believe what they believe. We challenge them to express their critical and creative ideas through writing, class discussion, and presentations with skills that have been building all along. They are challenged through reading to an ever-broadening view of the world with the goal of developing the habits of a lifelong reader/leader. We continue to expand their knowledge of science, technology, and math while strengthening their skills of creativity and the design process.  We provide instruction in another language to help them recognize their place in the global community and be able to communicate there. Our focus is no longer on the regurgitation of facts, but on the application of knowledge, the development of ideas, and the effective communication of their ideas to others.


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Membership in the Association of Christian Schools International provides Triad Baptist Academy and Preschool involvement in programs and services that aid our educational ministry.


TBCA is accredited by ACSI and AdvancED.