We’re serious about athletics here at TBCA, which is why sports and fitness are part of every school day.


Triad’s athletic program is an opportunity for our students to excel. First, they must excel in education in order to participate in the program. Secondly, they are given the ability and opportunity to excel on the field. Our players and coaches are held to a high responsibility of showing integrity (Prov. 11:3) and a servant attitude. Our athletic program’s goal is to be a great outlet for our school to show other schools the honor and glory we have for our God in everything we do. (Phil 2:1-4)

The athletic program at Triad Baptist Christian Academy is designed to come alongside families to help students develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ using the avenue of athletics.

Athletes must have an active physical on file in the Academy Office and a 2.0 or above GPA, with no F's and no more than one D to try out. Contact our Athletic Director with any questions: email: