Audra Locklear / Head Cheer Coach

A Note from Audra:

     "I am excited about the spirit of Titan Nation and the future of the Titan Cheer Team. For me, cheerleading started in 6th grade...and it's something that I have enjoyed ever since then.  I cheered for 6 years through middle and high school, and I have been coaching on and off for almost 10 years.  For me, some of the toughest lessons of life have been learned through cheer...perseverance, dedication, a love of others, and a passion to use my God-given talents for His glory.  The impact that my coaches had on me were positive and can never be repaid.  This is what motivates me to continue to impact others through cheer.  My hope is that through me, those that participate in cheer will gain self-confidence, undersatnd their value and the value of others, and know that God has a special plan for their life."