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Why Kids Need to See their Parents Serve

WHY KIDS NEEDS TO SEE THEIR PARENTS SERVE by Mr. Tim Gerber, TBC Executive Children's Pastor As it relates to the home, I think perhaps one of the adages that most proves itself prophetic over time is the following ... "Children become like their parents". As a matter of fact, as the years pass by and I see old faces from the past who I haven't seen for a long time, that...

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Trash the Past; Focus on the Future

A small metal trash can had been placed at the curb with the garbage to be collected the next morning. It was empty. When I noticed it from my bedroom window I thought it looked familiar; so began the investigation. I retrieved the empty can and returned it to where my memory led. I waited. The 1960's high school shop class was apparently the groovy place to create unique...

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