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Peru Missions Trip

Many of you helped with several fundraisers this school year to help our seniors serve with Aaron and Stephanie Cochrell in Cusco, Peru. God greatly blessed the trip! The following video is an update from the missionaries that shows some of the ways that our students were able to be a part of their outreach. Thank you so much for your giving and prayers. Please continue to...

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The Danger of Being Traditional

I can remember as if it was yesterday. My former pastor, Dr. Michael Catt, was preaching a message and made a profound statement. The statement was actually a quote that he had heard Jim Cymbala, Pastor of Brooklyn Tabernacle, say. It is easier to be TRADITIONAL than it is to be BIBLICAL! As soon as I heard these words, my mind immediately went to a warning that Paul gav...

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Why Kids Need to See their Parents Serve

WHY KIDS NEEDS TO SEE THEIR PARENTS SERVE by Mr. Tim Gerber, TBC Executive Children's Pastor As it relates to the home, I think perhaps one of the adages that most proves itself prophetic over time is the following ... "Children become like their parents". As a matter of fact, as the years pass by and I see old faces from the past who I haven't seen for a long time, that...

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Trash the Past; Focus on the Future

A small metal trash can had been placed at the curb with the garbage to be collected the next morning. It was empty. When I noticed it from my bedroom window I thought it looked familiar; so began the investigation. I retrieved the empty can and returned it to where my memory led. I waited. The 1960's high school shop class was apparently the groovy place to create unique...

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Attention Parents: MOMO Challenge

Dear Parents, Recently I was made aware of a phenomenon that has hit social media called the MOMO Challenge. I researched this and can find little confirmation that it is a little more than an urban legend. Almost all sites that discuss it say that they can only confirm that a "friend of a friend" has witnessed the actual events. Fortunately, the team at AXIS (you may r...

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Why Is Christian Education Priceless?

Parents who send their children to a Christian school are making an eternal investment in their children's' lives. Often parents will ask, "What is the value of Christian education?" Or, "Why should I send my child to a Christian school which costs thousands of dollars a year?" Below are some reasons I would share with a parent who came to me with these questions. I pray y...

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Establishing a Christian Worldview at Home

One of the tenets of Christian schools is developing a Christian worldview in students. In every subject, we strive to show students what a Christian worldview means in that discipline. In language arts it begins with teaching the student to read, write and speak so he may know God's Word, share God's truth and discern if what he is reading is aligned with God's teachings....

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The Scriptures were not given for our information, but for our transformation. -D. L. Moody- ...

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What Do I Teach My Child about Bullies?

One of my all-time favorite quotes is, "You must prepare your child for the road, but you can't prepare the road for your child." If you've never heard that before, stop a minute and let it sink in. We all want to keep our children safe; they are precious gifts from God. We can't even begin to consider what we'd do if something were to happen to one of them. But so often a...

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Christian Schools: Is it Worth the Investment?

Click Here to view this Blog Post This article was written and produced by ASCI....

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