"The Original Artist - In the beginning, God created…"

“The Original Artist - In the beginning, God created…”


     In the very beginning of time, GOD CREATED! In fact, the first thing we learn in the Bible is about His amazing creations. He wasn’t reading or contemplating—He was creating! He created the earth and everything in it. The beautiful sunrise, the glistening ocean and the melodious songs from a bird were all created by God.

     Then, at the culmination of His creating, He made man and woman in His own image! Isn’t it remarkable that we are made in the image of the most inspired Creator of all?! For that reason, any artist, creative individual, or person who thinks they can’t draw a straight line, that should not only empower us, but make us ecstatic! We are a part of His beautiful masterpiece! It doesn’t end there either.

     The work that flows from our hands, the music that pours from our instruments or voices, the words composed by our pens, the images reflected in our artwork, are not our own. They are from Him! Our God, who still longs to speak to His creation, through His creation, so that we may honor and bring glory to Him. May He speak boldly through us or whisper to us, we need to be ready to listen and welcome our creative task.