7 Preschool Worries...and How to Deal With Them

When it comes to going to school for the first time, kids and parents have lots of concerns. From your child's fear of the new classroom to concerns about making friends, this exciting time can quickly become stressful. Here are a few tips on addressing you and your child’s worries:

Worry 1: He won't adjust to being in a strange place.

A positive parent-teacher relationship can really help the transition by reducing the anxiety and fear children may have toward the teacher.

Worry 2: She'll freak out when it's time for me to leave.

Take control of goodbyes by practicing them before the big day and helping your child figure out a ritual you'll do when it's time to part. This can be a hug and three kisses. When the big goodbye comes, make it short and sweet and don't let it drag out.

Worry 3: I'll break down when it's time to leave.

Do everything you can to keep it together in front of your child. Children can read it when we're nervous.

Worry 4: He'll miss us.

Yes, he loves you, but don't automatically assume your child is going to have a hard time adjusting to being away from you at school. Focus on developing these traits in your child, rather than talking to them about how it will be okay to be away from mommy and daddy when he's at school. You'll help him develop the skills he needs and not set him on track to develop anxiety by thinking that going to school really is a big deal.

Worry 5: She won't make friends.

Sharing and playing collaboratively are huge in preschool. Some children, especially those who are shy may need some addition encouragement to become involved. Help ensure your child will have the social skills to play nice and make friends by setting up play dates with other children in the program before school starts.

Worry 6: He won't cooperate with the teacher.

If you're worried about your rambunctious child listening to the teacher, lay some groundwork. Remind the child that his teacher is in charge, and that he is to listen just as if mom or dad were giving instructions.

Worry 7: She won't learn what she's supposed to.

Many of the skills children will pick up in preschool revolve around social skills and developing fine and gross motor skills. A lot of the time, they will pick up these valuable skills from just playing with others.