A Lesson from our Mini-Vacation

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Most families look forward to downtime or vacation time as much as possible. This year my family decided to go to Atlantic Beach. The drive to get there was smooth, but a difficult moment was soon to come. Parking was my issue. We drove around for thirty minutes looking for street parking and finally found a store that had parking. Once we finally got to the beach, set up tents, and put down blankets, it was time to get into the water.

What I learned was that your firm footing can resist the waves. When the waves were growing in strength, I decided to turn my back and let the brunt of the waves hit me. I was standing in a good place, but the waves hit hard. There were times when I almost fell over because the waves were so powerful. The waves reminded me that we have to know what we believe in because we have no idea of the waves' strength; we just know that the waves are coming.

One wave that forced me to change my position was to make sure I was grounded. This often happens in our life with our faith and with our parenting. Something happens, and you have to reassess your position. This reassessment focuses us on selecting a position and seeking the word of God for instruction. For example, I was frustrated because we could not find parking. I had to stop the car and let my wife drive. This could have turned into an argument, but I would not let it. I reminded myself that we are to be slow to anger and that there was a better way. Rather than ruin my vacation, I surrendered those responsibilities to my wife. No one expects their child to come home overwhelmed by the day, by homework, and by sports, but it happens. This is an example of a wave that you know is coming, but you have no idea how large it will be until it hits. When that wave hits, you have a choice, will you allow your emotions to take over, or will you stand firm and begin to have some conversations.

The waves do not address every area of life, but they force you to ask God to help prepare you for whatever is coming.

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