Finding "Me-Time"

When asked to write a blog about “Fresh Start: Tips to Getting Each Day Started Right,” I had no idea where to start. No fantastic five-point outline that would cause anyone to have a life changing transformation to the start of his or her day. No resounding revelation. Then, at 4:45am (no typo…AM) as I looked up at the sky that was glittered with stars, it hit me. This is it. This is what can perhaps make someone’s day start on a more positive note…why not share what works for me? Start your day by giving up one of your most valuable assets…time. An old Chinese proverb states,” An inch of time is an inch of gold, but you can't buy that inch of time with an inch of gold.” Finding time in the morning for yourself and God is a simple concept, yet for many can be difficult to accomplish. There is something about hitting that snooze button that can be very enticing…fifteen or twenty more minutes of restful bliss is tempting.

My day usually starts at 4:30am when I make my way to the barn to feed the horses (or my “therapists” as my husband would say). Yes, I talk to the horses who listen quite well, especially when I am in control of the feed bucket! People ask, “Why don’t you let your husband do that now that he’s retired?” My response, “Because that is my “me time”…time I get all to myself to get my thoughts in order for the day.”

There is seldom a morning that goes by that I don’t look up at the stars or watch the leaves dance in the wind with the moon as a backdrop and wonder what my son in Guam can see when he looks up. Is it as peaceful as what I am seeing? Thus a reminder to pray for him. As I pass by my youngest son’s truck or the absence of it at times, my thoughts are drawn to him. Thus a reminder to pray for him. Across the pasture, I would see the kitchen light flicker on and off in my parent’s house on those mornings when my dad was awake because he was restless or was letting the dog out. He would wave from the window signaling all was well. I would reciprocate the gesture. My dad passed away a few weeks ago and I dearly miss those flickering lights as I now look across that same pasture and see mostly darkness. Thus a reminder to pray for my mom, brother and sister. Then there is Tucker, my eldest son’s cat that has taken up temporary (key word temporary) residency in my barn and is determined to make my tripping over him a morning ritual! Thus, a reminder to pray for my son and his family. My prayers are not long, rather simplistic and are done with eyes opened as I maneuver around doing chores. Unconventional, but the peacefulness of the morning makes it work.

It is not always easy. There are mornings when I am down right tired and grumpy or the weather is cold and rainy. I do not want to go, but I do, grumbling as I close the door behind me. It is rare that I return to the house feeling the same as I left. At times finding time for yourself and God will not be easy. That snooze button is only an arm’s reach away. There is something about having a time of solitude to clear the mind, plan your day, and say a few prayers that can bring a positive start to your day. Time cannot be bought nor replaced, but when given away can be the greatest gift. Finding your “me-time” may be a way of finding an optimistic start to the day.

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