Why Change is…GOOD?

“Changes are coming!” This phrase often strikes fear into the hearts of many, and perhaps, rightly so. Hearing this phrase from a CEO could indicate job cuts or reduction in salaries for employees. Hearing this phrase from a church pastor could cause tension in the congregation, and may even move members to utter the counter phrase, “But we’ve never done it that way before!!!” Students face changes daily: changes of schedule, changes of routine, changes of plans, and the list goes on. I am absolutely certain that when I have been absent from my job, my students have said to the substitute teacher, “But Mrs. Wilcox doesn’t do it that way!!!”

None of us are necessarily excited about change, but CHANGE can often be a GOOD thing. Phrases such as: “change of pace,” “change of scenery,” and “change of heart” are just a few examples of positive ideas of change.

God often works through change. God required Abraham to change his location to a “land that Hewould show him” (Genesis 12:1). The result of that change was promised in the next verse, Genesis 12:2, the promise of a great nation. The entire book of Esther focuses on God’s work through her change of position. Esther was willing to follow God’s leading, and the entire Jewish raced was spared as a result.

Abraham, Esther, and many other characters in the Bible allowed God to change their circumstances, and were blessed in an incredible way. If Abraham or Esther had been unwilling to accept the changes God asked of them, they would not have personally experienced God’s grace in building and saving a great nation. In turn, if we are resistant to change, we could very well miss out on some of the greatest plans and blessings God has in store for us.

Most of all, God can and wants to change our hearts. In the book of Psalms, David begged God to change his heart and spirit by forgiving his sin (Psalm 51:10). We experience this same forgiveness if we accept salvation through God’s Son, Jesus Christ. If we allow God to continually work in us, through the changes He brings and allows, we will see His grace and mercy at work. No, change is not always easy, but when we consider the change that God can bring in our hearts, change is definitely GOOD!