Why I Love Teaching Preschool

Well, another year older and hopefully wiser, we begin the school year. It’s a perfect time for us to recognize and remind ourselves why we absolutely love what we do. I love children, and I feel the Lord has given me the desire and opportunity to teach, motivate, and challenge children. Teaching is one of those professions that keeps your brain young and allows you to continue, along with your students to become a lifetime learner. My purpose is to help them grow academically and foster a foundation toward a healthy Christian life. At Triad Baptist Christian Preschool we have the privilege and freedom to share ideas of purity from God’s Holy Word. Again our purpose is not only bettering ourselves, but also enriching the lives of the children with a foundation of Biblical values, which will be carried with them throughout life. 

In an educational world where God is left out, the very foundation of the home and guiding principles of life deteriorate and are eventually destroyed. It’s been said children learn 75% or more in the first six years of childhood than any other time of their lives, which serves as the guiding principles and foundation of their life. What a wonderful opportunity and responsibility we have as Christian teachers. While their little minds are as impressionable as a piece of clay, may we strive as educators and parents, with God’s help, to mold their minds and lives into a vessel of honor for God’s glory.

I love that whenever I am with children, I can just be me without worrying about what they think! A seemingly difficult situation can be turned around or even forgotten with a little love and few hugs. I can be silly and I can have fun, and a little laughter is contagious! In my years of teaching, I have noticed that children who are able to have fun and are comfortable in the classroom become better learners. I could go on and on, but I would like to share one of the highlights of the year. It’s so rewarding and amazing to see these little children learning and reciting the sixty-six book s of the Bible. This brings joy and fulfillment to me as a Christian teacher and serves as a sense of real accomplishment for our little ones. This also begins to instill a strong foundation and helps foster Christian character from even an early age.

I’m constantly asked by so many different people, “How can you work with children, without being driven crazy?” The answer is simple, it’s a calling of God and a God given grace and genuine love for children that preservers. I love when I am out and about, and suddenly a teenager comes up to me and says, “Hey Mrs. Veigh, thank you for being a wonderful teacher and for sharing the love of Jesus.” There is no greater reward!