Preschool Faculty & Staff

Administrative Team

Decker 20_21Dr. Rob Decker
Triad Baptist Church Pastor

Roberts 20Dennis Roberts
Executive Administrator




Harris 20

Laura Harris
Preschool, Afterschool, & Summer Camp Director


Office Team



Yates 20 Leesa Yates
Administrative Assistant



Our preschool director and teachers meet or exceed the early childhood education licensing requirements for the state of North Carolina. In addition, each teacher is a professing believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and attends a Bible-believing church. Each staff member has been called by God to minister at our preschool and counts it a privilege to serve the families in our community. Appropriate references and background information must be provided by all staff, and each participates in on-going training sessions which include basic First Aid and CPR. All classroom ratios comply with or exceed the current licensing laws set forth by the state of North Carolina’s Division of Child Development.




Prevette 21Deanna Prevette
Flamingos - PK2

Brengan 21Jessie Brengan
Flamingos - PK2

Hoover 21Emma Hoover
Turtles - PK2

Manolovich 21Kim Manolovich
Turtles - PK2

Colenzo 21Lori Colenzo
Giraffes - PK3

Buck 21Cathy Buck
Giraffes - PK3

Martinez 21Janet Martinez
Dolphins - PK3

Mullins 21Holly Mullins
Owls - PK3


Emmerson 21Melissa Emmerson
Penguins - PK4 

Fulp 21Sarah Fulp
Chipmunks - PK4

Middleton 21Jennifer Middleton
Frogs - PK4  


All staff are experienced in Early Childhood and Development. All staff are required to stay current each year with education in the Early Childhood field. 

We love teaching our children, and it all begins with God’s divine Word. We continually want to demonstrate our dedication and commitment to improving the level of quality in early care and Christian education for the children and families in our community. All staff have been carefully chosen based on their experience, education and commitment to working with children.