College Credit/Dual Enrollment Program


In an effort to expand the educational opportunities for the students of TBCA, the Academy will enter into partnership arrangements with institutions of higher learning. The aim of this program is to provide dual enrollment and/or dual credit opportunities for qualified students during the junior/senior year of high school. Courses taken can be used to replace courses specific to their senior year. The benefits to this program are significant for our students. By participating, TBCA students have the privilege of:


  • Investigating areas of interest with courses that are not offered at TBCA.
  • Studying at the collegiate level in preparation for full time college instruction in the future.
  • Gaining college credit hours prior to the completion of the high school diploma at a reduced college tuition rate.



Indication of dual credit will be noted on the high school transcript upon receipt of an official grade report or transcript from the college or university and the verification of attendance (if applicable).  Students will receive a quality point of 1.0  for all dual enrollment classes where a C or above is earned. If a grade of a D is earned, no additional quality point will be given, but credit will be given. If the grade is an F, no credit or quality point will be earned. Transfer credit will not be awarded for any class taken outside of TBCA without prior permission granted by the Director of Education. It is the responsibility of the student to determine if the early college credits earned will transfer to their intended college. 


Program Admission

Enrollment is open to students who qualify based upon the criteria established by the university or college and by TBCA. Administration reserves the right to decline admission to a dual enrollment class based on the student’s overall academic performance. The admission requirements (required forms and applications) vary by institution and are dictated by the college/university. Qualified students must maintain full time status as a student of TBCA to fulfill the requirements of the diploma program established by the School Board and to comply with any regulations for extra-curricular activities or sports. There is no reduction of high school tuition for students participating in the dual credit program. Students are limited to two 16-week courses per semester.



Proof of enrollment with the affiliated institution must be provided to the Guidance Office within the first week of the college class. Class session dates vary by course and institution. Students are subject to those timeline expectations.  A student who is granted early dismissal for the purpose of “on-campus” college study at a local college or university must depart the TBCA campus at the appointed time unless previous arrangements are made (help class, detention, and meeting). Students who fail to comply with this expectation will lose the early dismissal privilege.