School Board


TBCA School Board


The Triad Baptist Christian Academy School Board is the governing body for the school. It is comprised of at least nine voting members who serve three-year terms. All Board members are required to support and follow TBCA’s statement of faith.

The purpose of the Board is to carry out the mission of the school: “At Triad Baptist Christian Academy it is our desire to assist and support the parent in laying a foundation that will help each child choose Christ as their personal savior, increase in academic knowledge with a Christian worldview, and develop talents according to his or her God-given potential.” 

The Board appoints the Director of Education, who is responsible for executing the policies set forth by the Board, hiring all other personnel, and overseeing the school’s daily operation. Any communication with the Board must be in writing and must be signed. (The Board does not get involved in the day to day operations of the school as the Director of Education and his administrative team have this responsibility. Also, Board members cannot help with discipline or other day to day student issues.)

School Board Members

Don Beck

Michael Bowers, Chairman

Morgan Cox

Robert Decker, Lead Pastor Triad Baptist Church

Gary Locklear

AnnMarie Moodie

Dennis Roberts, Executive Administrator Triad Baptist Church

Aden Stoltzfus

Soloman Patrick, Interim Director of Education

Trent Vernon

Kim Vestal

Phil Willis