Welcome to the ENCOUNTER


At Triad Baptist Christian Academy’s Middle School, it is our distinct honor to partner with parents and students during this time of exploration. Completing elementary school is a huge accomplishment! This is a time where students are learning about themselves, having new experiences, getting more involved in sports and arts, and developing interests that will stick with them throughout their high school years.

TBCA Middle School is referred to as “The Encounter.” We focus on preparing students for life and eternity. Middle School is such a wonderful time to discover new interests, grow socially and spiritually, have new experiences, time to be stretched academically, time to understand and develop spiritual gifts, as well as a time for students to come face to face with who God has created them to be. Our instructional program focuses on problem-solving, thinking skills, developmentally appropriate challenges, acquisition of knowledge, practical application, and a host of other instructional methods.

Encounter with

  • Self
  • Others
  • Academics
  • Personal Interests

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