TBCA High School is referred to as “The Impact Zone.” We focus on preparing students for life and eternity. Students will have an impact on their class, school, community, and the world. High School is a time for spiritual direction, exploring spiritual gifts, sharpening academic skills, pursuing individual interests, growing both socially and mentally, as well as an opportunity for students to explore their identity in Christ. We walk alongside students who are preparing for traditional college, vocational schools, into a trade, or heading to work. Our instructional program focuses on deep learning, building relationships, problem-solving, critical thinking, developmentally appropriate challenges, practical application, intellectual work, intellectual curiosity, building trust in the academic experience, and developing/practicing leadership skills as well as a host of other instructional methods. Every student will have the opportunity to practice the expected student outcomes for graduates of TBCA. The school provides students with the tools to impact their class, home/school, community, and the planet.


  • Class
  • Home/School
  • Community
  • Planet

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