Fundraising Goals


Over the past years, TBCA has been thankful for all of our amazing parents and families who have generously given their time and energy to support each of our fundraising efforts! Cookie dough, candy, popcorn, dinner theatres, donkey basketball, and 5Ks are hard work, but each fundraiser is made successful by everyone's determination and spirit.


Take a look at some of the AMAZING things that have been accomplished through our fundraising opportunities:

Look what JUST arrived!! (October & December 2019)


Document Cameras 

Several teachers have been wishing for document cameras for the classroom! They are officially here


The Outdoor Classroom: (summer2019)


Outdoor Classroom 1 Outdoor Classroom 2 Outdoor Classroom 3


The outdoor classroom is a dream-come-true - A place to explore and learn through hands-on interaction with nature!