A Day in the Life of Kindergarten: A Teacher's Tale

 Being in kindergarten is hard, really hard! We have to sing funny good morning songs to each other. We do! We have to build towers with big, wooden blocks. We do! We have to make puppets “talk” and make up stories about them. Really, we do! We have to sort dinosaurs by color, type, and whether they have spikes or no spikes! We even have to sing songs about cowboys while riding our seat backwards and pretending it is a horse! We have to take an occasional run through the sprinkler outside! You probably don’t believe me, but this is what we have to do! Really!

Seriously, all these things do take place on a typical kindergarten day. Sprinkle in lots of “please”, “thank you”, “sorry”, and “I love you”. Add a heap of learning about Bible stories and verses and how great is our God! Stir in lots and lots of sounding out our letters and words, writing class stories, listening to a real policeman that’s visiting our class, taking a ride around the parking lot in a limousine and discovering numbers. We really can’t name it all!

Factor in giving the teachers a thousand hugs a day (and the teacher wiping that many noses and tying that many shoes). Don’t forget bringing the teacher a cough drop when she has a cold (due to wiping a thousand noses), and giving the teacher a big smile to remind her that God (and parents )have entrusted these little treasures to her for the time being! The best yet is walking down the hall and feeling little fingers entwined in yours, just because!

Yes, kindergarten is hard, really hard! But I assure you the kindergarten teachers wouldn’t want it any other way! At the end of a long kindergarten day, “truly blessed” is what this kindergarten teacher feels!

Okay, off to get ready for another busy day of kindergarten…………

-Gina McGraw TBCA Kindergarten Teacher