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United in Battle

Constant Contact TBCA Theme 23

Welcome to our new school year! We are excited to share this year's theme: United in Battle!

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Be THE One

Constant Contact Connie's Blog

I am sure we all can think of times when someone’s words crushed us and broke our hearts. But I am sure we can also think of those people who spoke life into us. Be THE ONE to speak life!...

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A Lesson from our Mini-Vacation

TBCA Blog Header Patrick

The waves do not address every area of life, but they force you to ask God to help prepare you for whatever is coming....

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Distinct Identity

Instagram TBCA Identity 21

As our belief in God transforms our hearts, our lives are completely changed, we become distinct in our identities that are reflections of God's grace and love. This Distinct Identity is what we long for, not as a requirement to be recognized, but as an expression of our love and devotion to Jesus....

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God is still the same

1 (3)

Times sure have changed, but God is still the same. Isn’t it comforting to know that the Lord knows every hair on our heads and wants to hear from us with our prayers? Let us never forget that God is in control. ...

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You Can't Mask God's Love

TBCA Blog Header Art J Easter

I wanted to make a difference, and I did my part. My teacher and I were a team, and we made God’s wishes come true. God created me to be a Christian and a smart student. No mask could prevent me from learning about the love God feels for me....

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An Abundant Life

TBCA Blog Header Life

Spring is almost here. I don’t know if you are like me, but I love springtime! Trees grow their leaves; flowers bloom, birds build nests and lay their eggs. It feels like the earth is coming alive. Spring always brings my mind to Jesus Christ. Before He is in our life, we are dead inside. But once we invite Him into our lives to be our Savior, He gives us life and beauty...

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A Season of Unrest...what do I do, Lord?

TBCA Blog Header Art 2

You can feel the uncertainty in everyone's eyes, and the sense of insecurity can be felt in what used to be deemed the most stable any level of society, from jobs to churches, even in our schools. The reality of COVID continues to wrap its arms around like an amoeba's pseudopod engulfs its food...

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Peace! On Earth?

TBCA Blog Header Art Peace

The new year has barely started. The decorations have been put away, and we have closed the door on a year most of us are glad to see end. Exactly one year ago, we had no idea what 2020 had in store for us, any more than we currently know what this year will bring....

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Being Thankful

TBCA Blog Header Nov Emily

There are so many things to be thankful for. Turn to God and His word during those times when you want to be a whiner, crier, and complainer. Jesus died for our sins and NEVER complained. What are you thankful for?...

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