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"In the Beginning?"

Controversy is one of the hardships that come with being a Christian. Unfortunately, it also encompasses the majority of the field of science. We are told in James that "the trying of our faith brings forth patience," and this does not exclude controversial topics of science. One of the most familiar controversies in science is the theory of evolution. As Christians, we k...

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7 Preschool Worries...and How to Deal With Them

When it comes to going to school for the first time, kids and parents have lots of concerns. From your child's fear of the new classroom to concerns about making friends, this exciting time can quickly become stressful. Here are a few tips on addressing you and your child's worries: Worry 1: He won't adjust to being in a strange place. A positive parent-teacher relations...

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Reading and Talking About Feelings

I have noticed over the years that preschoolers bring their questions, thoughts, and worries to their preschool class with them. To help the children cope with their feelings about sensitive issuesI call them tender topicsthe teachers carefully choose books to read and discuss. You can do this with your child at home. Find the "right" book. Ask a teacher or a children's ...

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"The Original Artist - In the beginning, God created…"

"The Original Artist - In the beginning, God created" In the very beginning of time, GOD CREATED! In fact, the first thing we learn in the Bible is about His amazing creations. He wasn't reading or contemplatingHe was creating! He created the earth and everything in it. The beautiful sunrise, the glistening ocean and the melodious songs from a bird were all created b...

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