It's Time to Peek!


Things are changing all around us, the darkness is visible. When I was a kid, and I felt scared or alone, I would shut my eyes to hide from the dark. I would close them tightly as if my closed eyes made the entire world disappear. The problem was, the darkness only enhanced my fears, in fact, it made me feel more anxious and alone. I quickly learned to rely on my imagination—pretending I wasn’t alone and afraid. And with my eyes shut I would begin to see colors, and fun memories, I’d see the people I loved and trusted, and visions of places I wanted to explore. As I would become a little more confident with my surroundings, I would take a quick peek to see if everything was okay again in the real world.

There are times today, as an adult, that I just want to close my eyes. I want to hide from the real world. The older we get, the more we see that there are venues of darkness that lurk in every corner of life. The Enemy knows he can use us best when we are engulfed in fear and darkness. And he has designed a mask for us that will keep out all of the light. 

As believers, when we live in fear, when we shut our eyes to the world around us, we are choosing to wear that mask, which may seem, for a moment, to be protective, but in reality, can be very dangerous. 

To complicate things, following Christ can be like walking on stepping stones through uncharted territory—scary terrains of unknowns. It requires faith to follow God. We must learn to take one step at a time…eyes and ears open…listening for instructions from our leader demands boldness, not blindness. Having faith to follow is not an easy task, but James reminds us, “…wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?” (James 2:20)

Faith requires action. So, the question is, are we bold enough to trust God, or are we content to simply close our eyes and hide behind the mask of “I hope I make it through this?”  


Maybe it’s time to peek? Here’s the great thing—As believers, our highest calling is to be a servant of God, to chart the uncharted plans that He has for us.

Those who peak understand that our goal is to glorify Him above all. That’s where the real joy, the real peace, the real feeling of survived accomplishment comes from. So, start by opening one eye…focus on the path God has set right before you. 

Paul reminds us that “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard…the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.” (I Corinthians 2:9)

If we could really see how it all ends, I think we would throw off the mask, open our eyes wide, and run down the scary paths no questions asked. But because we cannot see the end [yet]…we must choose to trust.

God really does have a great plan for our lives! Probably not a “bed of roses” – free from stress and turbulence plan, but if we pursue Him and follow His path, He will lead us through our valley of fears and into a vivid, unimaginable future that will be beyond our wildest imaginations. 

No matter how dark, how scared you may be, let me encourage us all-- implore the power of the Holy Spirit on our lives—He wants us to be filled with the goodness and mercies and hope to come. Spend time getting to know Him better—and if you’re going to be “lost,” get “lost” in the deep, deep love of the Father.