You Can't Mask God's Love

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Did you notice me even though I was wearing a mask?

I was the one standing in front of my students giving my all each and every day. I believe I pulled my mask down to speak over a million times this year. God had so much for me to share with your student, and I taught them from every single area of my heart. I went above and beyond to see that I completed God’s task this year. I trusted in Him to do His work through me. My students learned to read my smiling eyes that were hiding beneath my mask as they mastered something new. I hope I am sending home a wiser student who knows his/her teacher loved them unconditionally just as God loves us.  I hope I instilled a love for learning, and I cannot wait to see how far God will take them from here.  Simply put, I pray they learned that God is always in control, and we were put together for a specific reason. 

Did you notice me even though I was wearing a mask?

I was the one sitting at my desk in front of my teachers. I was respectful and wanted to learn.  I did my work, and I did my best on everything I turned in. I trusted the Lord to do His work through me. I obeyed the rules, and I gave all my heart. I gained knowledge because I wanted an education. I wanted to make a difference, and I did my part. My teacher and I were a team, and we made God’s wishes come true.  God created me to be a Christian and a smart student. No mask could prevent me from learning about the love God feels for me.  My teacher proved to me that wearing a mask can’t stop God’s love from showing.

Did you notice me even though I was wearing a mask?

I am the parent who worked hard at my job and still found time to help with homework. Even though I was weary from working all day, I was a team player, and I kept the love of God radiating from my home. I gave encouragement and unconditional love to my child as they learned something new each day.  I did my part, and I played a valuable role in educating my child.  I had days that I was overwhelmed with running my household and trying to get all the homework completed.  However, we did it, and God’s love still could not be masked.

Together, we were a team.  Even though a mask may have covered our faces, it could never stop God’s plan for us. We learned to overcome the obstacles and let God take the lead.  We trusted in Him, and He wrapped His arms around us each day. Our school year was a huge success!  You just can’t mask God’s love!

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This is a great reminder that our masks have not hid who we are or our intentions!

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