Why Is Christian Education Priceless?

Parents who send their children to a Christian school are making an eternal investment in their children's’ lives. Often parents will ask, “What is the value of Christian education?” Or, “Why should I send my child to a Christian school which costs thousands of dollars a year?” Below are some reasons I would share with a parent who came to me with these questions. I pray you will consider investigating Christian education and allow God to lead you in a decision for your child’s future.

• In Deuteronomy 6, a biblical mandate is given to saturate our children's’ minds with the Word of God. All subjects at Triad Baptist Christian Academy are taught from a biblical worldview. During social studies class, a student learns the role God has had throughout the ages in all the countries of the world. In science, creation is learned from the perspective of the God who created the world and all that is in it. In language arts, a student learns that communication began with God communicating with man and continues today with Christians spreading the Good News by modern means of communication. In all subjects, students are seeking after the knowledge of God and the by-products of such an endeavor are wisdom, understanding, and truth from a Godly perspective.

• All truth is God’s truth. Christian education is one in which the infallible truths of Scripture reign paramount. An education that uses God’s Word as its foundational text does more than produce spiritually-mature Christians. It makes them wiser and more knowledgeable. It forces them to be better thinkers. Isn’t that the goal of education?

• Three key institutions that shape a child are the family, the church and the school. Ecclesiastes 4:12 states that a threefold cord is not easily broken. When the home, school, and church teach the same Christian values, a child is immersed in God’s wisdom. The impact on a child’s life is immeasurable.

• The education of a child in a Christian school addresses the whole child—spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and social. Unless the child’s education includes all of these areas, he will not reach the possibility of excellence.

Yes, Christian education can be a strain on a family’s budget. It may take juggling to provide transportation. Parents may face criticism from friends and even family member for making this sacrifice. But viewed through the lens of eternity, what else can provide such rewards to your children, your grandchildren and the generations to come?