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Why Is Christian Education Priceless?

Parents who send their children to a Christian school are making an eternal investment in their children's' lives. Often parents will ask, "What is the value of Christian education?" Or, "Why should I send my child to a Christian school which costs thousands of dollars a year?" Below are some reasons I would share with a parent who came to me with these questions. I pray y...

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Establishing a Christian Worldview at Home

One of the tenets of Christian schools is developing a Christian worldview in students. In every subject, we strive to show students what a Christian worldview means in that discipline. In language arts it begins with teaching the student to read, write and speak so he may know God's Word, share God's truth and discern if what he is reading is aligned with God's teachings....

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Finding "Me-Time"

When asked to write a blog about "Fresh Start: Tips to Getting Each Day Started Right," I had no idea where to start. No fantastic five-point outline that would cause anyone to have a life changing transformation to the start of his or her day. No resounding revelation. Then, at 4:45am (no typoAM) as I looked up at the sky that was glittered with stars, it hit me. This is ...

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