God is still the same

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It is my opinion that times have changed and the world is changing at an exponential rate.  Sometimes it is hard to understand what is going on in the world today.  It seems that many people have mixed up what is morally right and wrong.  I like to think about the days when I was younger and everything seemed less complicated, and here are some things that I remember.

- We would go to the library to look up subjects that we had to learn. Now we have all of the knowledge at our finger tips with the computer, but in some ways, we haven’t gotten any smarter.

- No one used to want to get up to answer the home phone, but now we practically kill ourselves trying to answer our cell phones driving 70 mph down the interstate.  People carry their phones everywhere and some even have them on their wrist.

- Everyone used to sit on the front porch and wave to their neighbors, but now we sit on the back deck so no one can see us and we don’t have to talk to anyone.

Times sure have changed, but God is still the same.  Isn’t it comforting to know that the Lord knows every hair on our heads and wants to hear from us with our prayers?  Let us never forget that God is in control.  He will never leave us or forsake us.  No matter how much the world changes, God will always stay the same.  God still heals, protects, loves, provides, redeems, and comforts.  We are to love Him, trust Him and believe in Him.  His word is absolute truth.  Isn’t it so nice to know that in a world full of change, we can always and forever trust and believe in our unchanging God?

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