Attention Parents: MOMO Challenge

Dear Parents,
Recently I was made aware of a phenomenon that has hit social media called the MOMO Challenge. I researched this and can find little confirmation that it is a little more than an urban legend. Almost all sites that discuss it say that they can only confirm that a "friend of a friend" has witnessed the actual events. Fortunately, the team at AXIS (you may remember they were the group that came and ministered to our Upper School students in August) have put out an information sheet about the MOMO Challenge. I encourage you to click on the link below for find out more.
But, before you do, I would like to encourage all parents of students of all ages to be very aware of your child's use of electronic devices. The evil that is pervasive throughout the world is mirrored on social media. Yes, I use social media, and it's not all bad. But, there is much that should not be available to children and teens. Please take time to scroll through the sites your child has been using. Be aware that sites can be hidden in many ways. Do you know how to find those hidden sites? I would strongly encourage you to not let your child or teen have unlimited access at night. Fairly often I question a child or teen about their lethargic attitude in school, and almost inevitably the answer is, I was on my phone or Ipad until midnight or even later.
Parenting is difficult in the best of times, so I pray that God will give you wisdom in dealing with your child(ren) and the electronic world we live in. Let us know if we at TBCA can help in any way!
Donna Mannon
Director of Education

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