Too Young? Too Soon?

Picking a preschool should be easy, but with so many different guidelines and philosophies, it can be overwhelming. With a little research, you can make the right choice for your child’s first formal educational experience and set the stage for a lifetime of learning.

One factor you may consider is the Preschool’s philosophy and classroom methods. Parents should consider things such as the cost, location, schedule, accreditation, teacher credentials, safety, discipline, religious affiliation and most importantly the specific child’s needs, such as how he does in social situations or even something simple like taking a nap.

When placing your little one in an academic setting, you as a parent are preparing them for the best “jump start” in life that you may give your child. You will want, of coarse, free play -time to explore, but a more structured day of activities. In an early academic setting, your child may experience several “extra” things of interest such as music, arts and language. Some have a mind set that an academic preschool is challenging for a more rambunctious child, but on the other hand a more settled and quiet atmosphere where boundaries are set can serve both the settled and unsettled child as well.

In general, a preschool will describe itself as either play-based or academic. In a play-based preschool, children choose activities based on their interests and when they feel they want to use those interest. This is good while helping with their social skills, but we all know that the opportunity to do what you want to do, when you want to do it isn’t realistic. Even we as adults don’t get that luxury. On the other hand, the academic preschools are more teacher-directed activities that are more structured and are designed to prepare children for a kindergarten setting. The classroom time is devoted to learning letters and sounds, shapes and colors, reading, playing together and definitely enhancing emotional and social skills.

What matters is that your child is learning from adults who engage and stimulate intellectual curiosity while imparting social skills. Most kindergarten teachers will tell you what they really value is the opportunity to teach students who show up at school curious and ready to learn. Parents should be choosing a preschool that works for their child. My personal belief is that an academic setting is best all around. Why not start at Triad Baptist Christian Preschool?

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